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Breastfeeding in public: a taboo turned into a right

Breastfeeding in public has been a taboo subject which is slowly being broken by the growth of feminism and women empowerment campaigns. In most countries, it is legal and uncontroversial to do so. In the UK, breastfeeding in public is a right covered by The Equality Act 2010 and the Sex...

/ 16th January 2018

Thoughts on the First Feedback Forum

13th of November, 2017. 14:00. Queens Building. Room 1.12.  Walking into the big lecture hall where the very first session of the newly installed student Feedback Forums was taking place I immediately noticed a variety of surprising things: One, a...

/ 23rd December 2017

Three Movies for the Perfect Fright Night

I think it’s a universally accepted truth that Christmas can’t be complete without Home Alone playing on the TV. It’s a classic, it’s a tradition and we all love it for a reason. There are some traditional Halloween films that...

/ 20th October 2017