boris johnson

Boris Johnson is one of those rare characters in politics that can capture people’s interest, actually make people laugh and believe that politicians are in fact human like themselves. Michael Cockerell’s insightful documentary on Boris’ life showed just this from his rising profile to his most notable falls and fumbles, as we know politicians are quite infamous for causing controversy and scandal.

However, none are like Boris as he can be classed as a spin doctor/chief whip’s nightmare saying what he thinks or what actually happened in his own unique way, yet this is what makes Boris somewhat special. It would seem that his fumbles and bumbling nature have not only created great comedy and humour, but also a great audience and support base. This is interesting because if we look at his background and the policies he has represented and supported together with the beliefs he upholds, it would commonly point towards a traditional Tory and therefore suggest he would not gain universal support.

Yet his background has somewhat been ignored by the public, especially when he became Mayor of London. It was felt that the people didn’t vote for the Conservatives they voted for Boris as they knew that he would bring some sort of comedic value. But is this comedic persona just a ploy? As can be seen from the documentary it is clear that Boris is aware of what he says and it would appear he uses this persona for a reason – to stay popular and loved in order to stay in office.

Moreover Boris, in my own opinion, he has come into his own since being Mayor of London as he stuck up for Londoners when the Government announced cuts and saw this as a threat to the people that he was representing. The way he tackled anti-social behavior on public transport and the great job he did at promoting the Olympics in 2012 also pinpoint his passion for London and its people. What is very refreshing to see is that Boris is a part of that rare group of feel-good politicians, wanting to learn and understand the people of London and connecting with them in anyway possible – a PR stunt maybe, but the reality is he enjoys what he does and maybe this attitude is something that should be embraced by the leaders of the Political parties in Government.

In addition, I believe that the current Government could benefit from listening to Boris instead of trying to shut him up and keep him out of the way. It would appear that the majority of the population of this country would not be surprised to see him as the Prime Minster, because instead of following party policy, for once the electorate may have a person that would stand up for them and their beliefs.