A Leicester man has been jailed for fraud involving one stolen sports car and handling another which had also been stolen.

Richard Christopher, 26, of Trigo Close, Beaumont Leys, Leicester, admitted the charges at Leicester Crown Court, and was jailed for 32 months.

A burglary in Berkshire led to Christopher being in possession of a Porsche Cayman worth £25,000.

Christopher then gave the car a false identity and sold it to two innocent members of the public in London for £13,950, who were arrested when they tried to register the car but later treated as victims of crime by police.

Police raided Christopher’s home in September 2011 and found the keys to an Audi A6 which had been stolen two weeks earlier from Blaby, Leicester.

There, police found documents which also led them to believe that Christopher had been involved in creating a false identity for the Porsche.

PC Dave Wadsworth has given out a message to members of the public to be aware of such crimes.

Mr Wadsworth said: “Members of the public should take reasonable steps to prove that a second-hand car is genuine, and is owned by the person who is selling it.”