Charlotte Summers is perhaps one of the most up and coming young fashion photographers and stylists of this generation. With her keen eye for detail and a flair for fashion, it is no wonder that her work is already being published in Heat and NOW magazine. Moreover, her consistent photography involvement with Made in Chelsea cast member; Rosie Fortescue and her Street Style Blog, means Charlotte’s future is set to be a bright and established one. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Charlotte about her job and her style.

Charlotte summer


Photographer, stylist and fashion icon. It seems like you’ve got your future set already. Is there any other field you’d particularly like to go into?

Well I trained in performing arts and have been involved in performances since I was 2. I used to teach street dance classes, so I suppose I’m a jack of all trades yet master of none, haha!

 So what was it about photography that made you compelled to make a career out of it?

I just love how every shoot is different and I have a wild imagination and love being able to put that into my photography. I spent most of my childhood helping my uncle out at his studio, he gave me my first Canon SLR and I was hooked from then.

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What about fashion styling?

I used to style all my shoots myself, only recently have I started to get stylists in for certain shoots. I just love seeing everything coming together and knowing I had no help if all goes to plan.

 Looking at your work, is it fair to say that you are trying to portray messages through your photos?

Yes for the majority of my bigger shoots I like them to be more than just a good set of photos. Having a story to tell or a theme to follow is a lot more fun and more of a challenge.


 Who would you say inspires your photography most?

There isn’t any one in particular, inspiration can come from a lot of things whether it be a model I’d like to work with, a fashion magazine or a certain location.

 Does anyone or anything influence your fashion styling?

It can stem from various things…  from a book I’m reading or a specific trend. I love Tim Walker’s work and he’s definitely an inspiration.

 What would you say is your career highlight so far?

Well recently it’s been getting my photos of Rosie [Fortescue] in magazines such as NOW and Heat. But in the past when I created the first issue of my magazine and also the fashion show I produced, designed, choreographed and modelled in for charity was a major highlight I’ll never forget.

 Photographing Rosie Fortescue’s Street Style Blog must be pretty exciting… 

Yeah it’s a great opportunity and I’m having the best time. Every week is different, she has the most amazing wardrobe and there’s always something I’m lusting after! She’s the most genuine and loveliest person I’ve ever met, I feel like I’ve known her forever.


So who is your favourite designer?

Even though I have a Mulberry bag and a few other designer items, I’m not a huge fan. Although, to look at I’m very much a McQueen or Celine girl but I’m much happier wearing beautiful pieces from Zara, &Other Stories, ASOS & Cos. I’d rather have lots of cheaper items of clothing than a few hugely expensive designer pieces.

If you had to throw out your entire wardrobe, but one item, what item would you keep?

A grey jumper my mum knitted for me. Things made for me with love are much more important to me than anything I can buy with money.

And finally, if you had to choose one person to photograph and another one to style, either dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Photograph – Ashley Banjo (Diversity) because I hardly ever shoot with guys and he’s an amazing dancer and I’d love to combine the two. Style Amanda Holden because sometimes she just gets it so wrong! I think I could work my magic on her.

Thank you Charlotte!

Miss Summers is definitely one to watch. Her unique styling, contagious charm and immaculate photography skills means she will be able to conquer anyone or anything.

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