As students interested in fashion I’m sure mostof you are always looking for new brands that aren’t exactly mainstream but are doing really well. Pray for Paris is exactly that. The company  was started as an affordable high street brand which brings us unisex individual yet trendy pieces that we would otherwise would not be able to afford. Their main aim is to bring clothes that are on trend but are not copies of designer wear as they belive this is whats making the fashion industry not flourish. Trend setter and artist Kanye West is a huge fan and has been spotted wearing ‘Pray for Paris’ a few times.

What’s also great about this brand is that their t-shirts come in opulent prints that are changed every season and are not reprinted again. This means you are one of a select few who will have that particular print. Alongside the t-shirt collections, they also sell printed caps, woolley hats and sometimes jewellery. Have a look on their website and style their t-shirts for your summer and winter wardrobe.

click here to visit them Pray For Paris

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