A few weeks back features editor Jess Tilling wrote a ‘freshers survival guide’ and now here comes my guide on how to dress to impress for FRESHERS.

Moving to a new city, starting at university, and meeting new people can be both daunting and exciting. Freshers week is not only a week to go out every night and get drunk, but it is designed for you to meet new people and to get you settled into your new environment.

Everyone wants to make a good first impression and how better to do so than through what you wear? 

Dressing for the day:

During freshers week at DMU there are various events going on throughout the day which are just as important as the night time ones. These include: the freebie fair on Monday and Tuesday and the sport and societies fair on Thursday – Two events which you need to attend. You are more likely to get to know people outside of your halls during the day than when everyone is drunk and partying at night.

Top tips:

–          Keep true to yourself and your own style.

–          Be stylish yet comfortable in your clothes.

–          Wear something that best represents you and your personality; don’t be afraid to show the real you.

Dressing for nights out:

Planning an outfit for a night out is never easy; you don’t want to wear your best dress or brand new shoes in case they get ruined; neither do you want to wear your everyday attire and worn out trainers. Where it is best to keep it casual yet stylish during the day, night events is when everyone pulls out the stops.  You want to go smarter than from what you wore during the day, but not overly smart as you don’t want to get your best clothes ruined.

Top tips:

–          If you’re dressing for your first night then wear your best party dress or smartest shirt to make that all important first impression.

–          If you have the money head to the Highcross shopping centre and treat yourself to a new outfit- Think of it as an investment. And hey everyone needs new clothes, right?

–          Take time (but not too much) deciding what to wear. Have a few choices laid out so then if you don’t want to wear one outfit on that particular night you have an option for the following night.

–          Towards the end of the week your laundry basket may well be filling up so make sure you leave at least one good outfit for your last night- Don’t forget the Freshers Ball!!

The main thing to remember is to just be yourself and wear what you feel the most comfortable in. However as it is frehsers go that extra mile and DRESS TO IMPRESS.

To give you an idea what to wear check out what students wore previous years to frehsers week below:

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