(l-r) Trevor, Franklin and Michael. GTA V's three 'heroes'.

(l-r) Trevor, Franklin and Michael. GTA Five’s three ‘heroes’.

By now, most of you reading this will have heard, seen or even played a tiny bit of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’. You will know Los Santos is a vibrant, sprawling metropolis that is a living, breathing world of its own. You will also know that developers Rockstar have created one of the most thriving, expansive experiences on the current generation of game consoles, if not ever.

Now I myself have played just the fringes of the game, delving only into one of the three playable characters, Franklin. But the initial few missions with him, and his pet dog, Chop are nice little slices of just what is to come. Lamar, Franklin’s buddy, provides good back and forth banter, in some tightly scripted moments. Then, once the missions are over, you can fully experience all the San Andreas region has to offer.

For a while I was simply driving up and down the coastline, taking in some diverse scenery, all to the traditionally and equally diverse, GTA soundtrack. This one features artists like Rihanna, Muse, Tyler the Creator and even Willie Nelson pop up amongst the dozen or so radio stations.

Activities that can be done include base jumping, yoga, dune buggy racing, exploring the sealife and heists, that make up a lot of missions. But it’s the world it takes place in that really makes ‘GTA V’, such a great game.

The experience is superior to its, at times, rather dreary and ‘straight’ predecessor, ‘GTA IV’, with Los Santos in general a bright, sunny space, compared to Liberty City’s grey tinged, rain specked horizon. Niko is out, Franklin, Michael, the family man, and Trevor, the ridiculous psychopath, are in.

The plot is bubbling, with the three characters interweaving with one another, and eventually (I’m told), becoming integral with one another.

I’ve only just scratched the surface of my own ‘GTA V’, adventure, and with the introduction of ‘Grand Theft Auto: Online’, imminent on October 1st, the world is about to get a whole lot bigger!