After interviewing Nathan Bishop, I then caught up with three womenswear designers; Yasmin Jemal Chin, India Bianchard & Shamin Begu.


Hello Ladies, how are you feeling about your designs being showcased today?

Yasmin: A little bit nervous, our stuff doesn’t really get shown publically like this, erm usually its just the tutors that get to see our stuff.  

India: It’s a really good opportunity for people to see our work, and get feedback from the public, which will hopefully improve our work and give us a good confident boost.

Shamin: I’m excited actually, but at the same time I’m nervous.

So what inspired you to get involved with the event today?

Yasmin: It’s a personal reason for me as cancer has affected me, like others in the room.  It’s something I can give back to.

India: My mum had cancer when I was little, so I wanted to get involved to give something back to a charity which helps people through the disease.  I think sometimes fashion can be seen as a vapid industry, and it’s good that we can give back through something that we all love doing.

So what is your biggest inspiration for your designs which feature on the catwalk today?

Yasmin: My collection is based on culture. As a designer I look at different cultures and events which are going on around me so I base and manipulate my work around that.

India: One of my inspirations is the 1920’s period and the other is surfing and skateboarding which my brothers do, and what I have grown up around.

Wow India what two contrasting inspirations you have. It’s good to show your diversity. How about you Shamin?

Shamin: Mine is also based on culture and on Hindu gods. I specialise in prints so my work is quite wacky and out there.

If you could go on a night out with someone from the fashion industry who would it be and why?

Yasmin: oh god, wow. I don’t actually know…

Shamin: Mine would be Vivienne Westwood; she seems like she’s got a pretty crazy personality so yeah.

India: Mine would be Grace Coddington who is chief fashion editor at American Vogue, because she is the only person who can tell Anna Wintour to shut the f*** up.

How would you three describe your own personal style?

Yasmin: I’m quite Avant Garde. I’m not commercial, I ccome from more of an artistic background so for me it’s more artistic rather than commercial.

India: My personal style doesn’t really influence my designs at all. My personal style comes from what I do outside of fashion, for example I’m a burlesque dancer. When going to uni I wear just jeans and a t-shirt but outside I wear clothes which are completely different. Everything else I do is over the top and really sparkly, where my fashion really isn’t.

Shamin:  I go down a tailored route with a sports edge to it.

What advice would you give to 1st and 2nd year Fashion design students?

Collectively:  Work hard and be organised really. Don’t give up, there have been so many times where we have all gone home and cried and it has been really hard. Take criticism as a good thing and not a bad thing. You might think that the tutors are there to kick us down, but they are there to spur us on.

Where do you all see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Yasmin: First of all to get a job and hopefully have my own business on the side.

India: Ultimately I’d quite like to have my own label. I want to make beautiful clothes and make other people happy.

Shamin: hopefully I’d like to go into the print business, and become a free-lance print designer.

Thank you ladies to talking with me and I’ll look forward to seeing your designs later on. To see the full interview check out the link below: