De Montfort Student’s Union raised almost £300 for Children in Need at an extravaganza on Friday 15th November.

The event, held at Level One in the Campus Centre, featured performances from the comedy, music and theatre societies as well as opportunities to play traditional fairground games and video games including FIFA and Wii Sports.

Drinks were provided by the cocktail society and a raffle was organised with a top prize of a signed Leicester Tigers shirt along with a Jagermeister lamp, O2 Academy tickets and more.

Altogether, £286 was raised from the event for Children in Need to contribute to the national total of over £31 million.

The evening was planned as part of De Montfort University’s Frontrunner programme. Minal Tailor said: “I started organising the event at the start of November, as part of my Events Frontrunner placement. Everyone in the office was keen on doing something for Children in Need as it is such a huge deal, and we didn’t do anything big for it last year.

“The original idea was to show the Children in Need telethon in the Lobby, as we know that everyone watches it at home, so it was just a case of getting everyone together to watch it.”

The team started off by contacting all the performance societies and asking if they wanted to get involved.

Minal added: “The more ideas we had, the bigger we wanted to make the event. Eventually, I decided to book Level One instead of the Lobby, get as many performances as we could, and fill the room with retro games.

“It took a while to chase up societies and get them on board, but once they had agreed I made a time plan of the night. Then I contacted local organisations and asked them to donate prizes for our raffle, and of course tried to pull all the random games we could find together.”

The first Children in Need telethon was broadcast on the BBC in 1980 and events are held nationally to raise money for the cause.

Stewart Calladine, venue manager of Level One, said: “We have done events like this in the past. We did a really successful Comic Relief night where the Vice Chancellor came down and we had a dance off between him and the execs at the time, but of the Children in Need nights I have worked at, this has probably been the best.”

The Student’s Union also held a cake sale and other fundraising activities during the day to raise money for the cause.

Alice Wilson, Vice President of Media and Communications at De Montfort Students Union, said: “Throughout the day we dressed up as superheroes, then we did office Olympics where we all competed against one another which was really fun and now we have the Children in Need extravaganza which is going really well.

“I think it is really important that DSU gets involved with any number of charities like with RAG Week. It is our role as execs to get involved to encourage students to take part. It’s brilliant to see different societies getting involved, like the music society, theatre society, comedy society and Demon Media has made an impact too.”

Demon Theatre performed two pieces, ‘Crazy Little Thing Called love’ by Queen and ‘You’re The One That I Want’ from Grease – all while dressed as Smurfs.

Katy Imrie, a member of the society and third year Drama student, explained: “It was just an idea from our social sec to get us all together. Children in Need is a good cause, we know where our money is going and rather than sit at home watching we thought it would be better to come and have a good night out and get involved.

“It’s really good that this has been arranged, I wish DSU got involved in more charities but this, as a national thing, is a charity worthwhile getting involved in.”