I’d extend a warm ‘Welcome Back’ but I knew you were coming to check out the second instalment of my Spotted: Best of 2013. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see you return for an important season: Summer. From May to August, we’re going to see a whole collection of celebrities in some of the most gorgeous outfits in the summery months ahead. Let’s get to it, shall we?

May was a good month for me. Not only did I finish my first year and got to see my all time favourite band Muse for the second time, it was also the host of events such as The MET Ball in New York, the Cannes Film Festival and the amfAR Gala.

Rooney Mara, as well as being one of my all-time favourite style icons and actresses, was one of the best dressed of the MET Ball this year. The theme, excitingly enough for me, was ‘Punk’ and while some celebrities who attended the event were far from punk – Kim K, I’m talking about you, your choice was horrendous – Rooney succeeded. While white wasn’t much of a popular colour back in the 90’s punk era, the custom-made Givenchy Couture gown by Riccardo Tisci was a winner for it’s zip and lace detailing and that plunging neckline. Not to mention the way that Rooney Mara pulls off dark lips and slicked back hair so perfectly. How does she do it?

Rooney Mara May

With my love for the MET Ball being so intense, I chose my second outfit from the month of May from the event. Cara Delevingne, the most talked-about model of 2013, attended the event in Burberry. Similar to Rooney’s Givenchy dress Cara’s dress had the extreme plunge in the neckline, as well as the spikes, which is what punk fashion is all about. Her hair was perfectly parted to the side with a braid to reveal some seriously punk metal ear-accessories and the perfect smokey eye.

Cara Delevingne May

June was all about Download Festival. I’m kidding, for me it was, but for the rest of the fashion world it was albeit the start of the UK Festival season including the oh-so famous Glastonbury Festival. While I have no desirable need to go to the festival, there is no denying that apart from the music – there is an overwhelming sense of fashion and festival style that you can find there. Celebrities from far and wide (in the UK) attended the festival, showing us what festival fashion really is all about… But it was also the many fashionable celebrity parties that we didn’t get invites too. Boo!

Child actor-cum-adult superstar Kirsten Dunst attended the Barneys Dinner for Proenza Schouler in LA on the 13th of June. Naturally, like Kirsten, most of the lovely ladies that attended this event wore outfits by the brand who was being honoured by Barneys. The black shift top and shorts combination by Proenza Schouler was a great match to Kirsten’s tanned skin – and while I love an all-black outfit, this is a real shiner for me because of the red lips, the shiny blonde hair and those gorgeous heels. Say no more.

Kirsten Dunst Jun

At the dinner for House of Holland’s pre-spring/summer 2014 collection, Harley Viera-Newton –all round fashion idol and she-J (female DJ, obv) attended wearing a House of Holland embellished coat from the aforementioned pre collection. I love this outfit so much because all of the emphasis is on the coat, which plays the substitute part of a dress. While the black dress Harley is wearing is probably beautiful, the coat is reigning supreme for the time being. I also love Harley’s signature ombre waves and that pop of a red lipstick. It’s a simple outfit, but perfect for the occasion and for the lovely lady wearing it.

Harley Viera-Newton Jun

July showed us a heap of style. Also, we saw the birth of the Royal Baby, someone who we’ve been looking forward to seeing for a while now. Congrats to the Royal Family!

Star of The City, alongside some of the other reality stars in the USA, Olivia Palermo attended the Valentino Couture show in the beginning of July wearing the brand. She teamed a gorgeous black, ruffled dress with a rose-defined print with a white shirt – something unseen in the public eye in fashion. While Alexa Chung is queen of the long-sleeved-top-under-a-spaghetti-strap-dress look, Olivia is rocking a new look which is two parts classy and two parts gothic.

Olivia Palermo July

Speaking of Alexa Chung, she attended the Chanel autumn/winter 2013 show in Paris wearing the French designer. The somewhat Victorian-style mini dress suits Alexa down to a T because of the length, the long sleeves and the high neck. The blue velvet of the main part of the dress is something I simply adore. Velvet is a key material for Autumn/Winter 2013 and we will be seeing a lot of it in the high street and the high end over winter. The lace arm detailing is something that we see a lot with Alexa, the girl loves her lace, and it’s a great contrast with the blue velvet.

Alexa Chung July

August, as well as being the month of my birthday is a great month for the film industry. Venice Film festival was towards the end of the month premiering some of the most anticipating upcoming films. So this is great, because where there are films, there are premieres and where there are premieres, there are celebrities with incredible outfits.

Amanda Seyfried was the talk of the town in August during the premiere tour for her film Lovelace, where she played the infamous pornographic actress Linda Lovelace. At the Las Vegas premiere, Amanda wore a gorgeous halter-neck dress with dark gold embellishment by Givenchy. It’s a powerful dress because of its length as well as the strapped heels and those dark eyes that Amanda pulls of so well. Amanda, you are August’s queen of glamour-grunge!

Amanda Seyfried Aug

Part three of Spotted: Best of 2013 is coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled!