HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2014 and it’s finally time to stick to those new years resolutions. I’m guessing you’ve joined the gym, brought healthy food for that healthy eating diet and promised yourselves that you will, without a doubt, attend those 9am lectures without a hangover. But how about you make some New Years Fashion resolutions! as well Buy that item of clothing you love but are too scared to wear, or try out a new daring style! The SS14 styles have already hit the catwalks but we’re still freezing, hoping for the sunshine, with still the worst of winter to come. However it is never too early to plan ahead. Here’s how to get those SS14 styles which are begining to creep into the high street, into your wardrobe.

2014 is all about floral print! Not just on pretty blouses or jumpers, but trousers! The best thing about trying something new this time of year is the sales! These Tile Floral Tapered Trousers are from Topshop for only £28 (student discount = £25.20). The blue and white shades and the square floral prints would look great with a black cropped knitted jumper and Topshops Mega Cut Out Buckle Boots at £38 (SD: £34.80). Just because it’s winter doesnt mean we need to shy away from a bit of colour.

topshop trousersmega cut out buckle boots

If you’re too scared to go in straight away with the bold floral trousers why not try something less eye grabbing like these Marilyn Cigarette Trousers in Cobalt Blue from misguided.co.uk for only £21.99. The blue is still a bold colour, but with the black jumper and black shoes the outfit would be toned down, giving a sophisticated, classy look. It would be great for a nice meal or you could even wear these with a pretty blouse on a night out.

blue missguided

Another key trend for the new year is the straight mini skirt. This Coorperative Sunflower Intarsia Skirt in Black is definitely getting us in the summer mood, but it’s not summer yet! Team this up with black tights, Topshops Martie Patent T Bar Geek Shoes (£32), and a black knitted jumper and those sunflowers will fit right in with your winter wardrobe. This skirt is from Urban Outfitters at £28, cute and affordable. (win, win).

sunflower tbars

A black straight mini skirt also looks good on a night out with wedges and a loose fitting plain tee, like this Blue Contrast Binding Tee from Miss Selfridge at £27 (SD: £24.30) It is a casual look, but a pair of black wedges and the Gold Double Row Chunky Chain Necklace from NewLook at £7.99,  gives the simple outfit a stylish feel.

missguided gold chain

My favourite trend that has made it through the 2013 finishing line and continues to keep going, (hopefully way into 2014) is the shirt and collar. It’s such a cute style and will give any outfit a pretty yet sophisticated look. In the cold months to come, wear a plain coloured jumper with a cute white shirt and collar underneath like the Asos Shirt with Scallop Collar for £25 (SD: £22.50).  Add a straight mini skirt, tights and boots and let the jumper hang over the skirt. Accessorize with a dainty locket and even a cute hat or earmuffs, and your pretty wintery look is complete!


Hope you have had a fabulous start to 2014 (with all those assignments due) and have enjoyed my first post of the year