BANKS: Highlighted by both the BBC and Spotify as an artist of 2014

At the dawn of the new year, there isn’t just new albums to watch out for but new artists, all hoping to make 2014 their year. 


LA-born Jillian Banks taught herself to play the keyboard at the tender age of 15, throwing together lyrics and melodies to help her through her parents’ divorce. Now aged 25, based in London and going by the alias of BANKS, Jillian has recently  released two terrific EP’s to spark off her career (London and Fall Over). After coming third in the BBC’s prestigious Sound of 2014 poll and being featured in Spotify’s ‘Spotlight on 2014’ playlist, it is obvious that she isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. So what should you expect from BANKS? Well, she has a slow and haunting quality to her music that is perfectly matched with her soft voice, all of which will leave you with a desire for more.


CROLL: Fusing electronic beats with acoustic rhythms


Another artist that Spotify has highlighted for 2014 is Dan Croll, a British musician who is glued to his guitar. His acoustic style is mixed with an electronic edge that has proved popular with music fans across the past couple of years, and so this should definitely work in his favour in terms of building a fan base. The Guardian describes his sound as ‘…folkie-endorsed electronic music…’, and to think of it as ‘…Paul Simon jamming with Prince…’.


GROUPLOVE: As made famous by Apple and about to take the UK by storm


LA band Grouplove are a collective that proved big in 2011 with their hit ‘Tongue Tied’, after it was featured in an Apple advertising campaign. Yet with their second album, Spreading Rumours, dropping in the UK in February, 2014 looks to be a great year for the group. Grouplove have gathered a good following over the last few years, particularly in their native country, but it is likely that a similar following will be achieved on UK shores.


HOWL: Taking  dreamy rhythms on the road with Ellie Goulding    Photo (c) Linda Nylind


Continuing the theme of British electronic pop, 18-year-old Chlöe Howl is Berkshire-bred and produces dreamy yet hard rhythms that are perfect for either chilling out or having a bit of a dance. Whatever you choose to do to her music, you will be bobbing your head to songs such as ‘No Strings’. She is reportedly heading out on tour with songstress Ellie Goulding in 2014, so she’ll certainly be grabbing herself some attention to boost her already huge fanbase.


HOBBIE: Turning a YouTube hobby into a full time career


For the past three years singer-songwriter Hobbie Stuart has been releasing covers on YouTube, as well as some original material, with over 150 thousand subscribers, he has definitely started to build a following. 2014 brings his debut single ‘Still Here’, and fans are sure to love his vocals just as much as his YouTube fans. YouTube has grown in popularity over the past few years, starting out careers such as Jessie J and more recently, Tori Kelly. Let’s hope that Hobbie has the same success as these fantastic artists, and his unique vocals get the recognition they deserve.

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