Leicester Comedy Fest The art of stand up comedy has become more than just a place to laugh hysterically in the public eye. Today they have been seen more as a humorous yet honest commentary on current political and social affairs. However, comments on such things are always seen through different eyes with different reactions-to some there is hysterical laughter. But others will only see tastelessness and offensive bile. For example, the late George Carlin: On the one hand people fondly remember him for coining the ‘7 Swear Words’. But on the other, fingers are pointed at his anti-religious comments. So to continue Demon Media’s coverage of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, I caught up with the comedy duo and married couple Gareth Berliner and Kiruna Stamell, posing to them the question, ‘Is ‘offensive’ the default setting for stand up comedy?’

Stay awhile, and listen to their answer:



If you a chance, come to the Hansom Hall on Friday 22nd February at 4:45pm, to enjoy their new show that has raised eyebrows because of its very name!

To book your place, or learn more about the duo, please go to their website: http://www.oneofuswilldie.com/