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Hello, Music Fans!

It’s been a while – how are you doing? We should catch up over a drink and some good music! All of my apologies for not getting back to you sooner but to make up for it we’ve got a bumper edition of brand new music to whet your appetite with!

We’ve had a great month at Catalyst over on Demon FM; we’ve had Six Broken Sticks and Violet cities pop in to the studio, and singer-songwriter Matt Henshaw made an appearance behind the mic yesterday, but we’ve also get plenty more come during the next few weeks so be sure to tune in every day from 6pm!

Have a great week!

Tom and the Catalyst Team 🙂


1. Natives – ‘Can’t Say No’

There’s soon to be a very big Kids In Glass Houses hole in my heart after the band announced they were splitting up on Twitter last week. Lucky for me, Natives are set to fill that gap with their debut album Indoor War, which is due for release next Monday. Their latest single Can’t Say No gives us an exciting taste of what’s to come; they are 100% the next big thing in rock.

2. Ariana & The Rose – ‘In Your Bed’

Electro-pop at its finest. In Your Bed is sexy, slick and easy going – just generally an all round good song. The infectious beat will be spinning around your head for hours, and the catchy lyrics will run riot in your mouth. It’s a must listen for anyone who likes a good pop song.

3. Jungle – ‘Busy Earnin’’

Everyone should have heard of Jungle by now, as the mysterious electronic duo from London blew up all over the blogosphere and with good reason! They write insanely addictive music and if you haven’t listened to them yet, Busy Earnin’ is a great song to get you started in what will no doubt be a long and healthy relationship with the band.

4. Wildflowers – ‘Let It Go’

Wildflowers are wonderful. This song, Let It Go is wonderfully uplifting, and has such a happy-go-lucky good vibe that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. It’s one of those songs that could be left on repeat all day and it’s influence would never falter.

5. Chasing Grace – ‘Free’

I am a huge, huge fan of Chasing Grace. Their blend of alt-pop deserves to be at the top of the charts, and I’m not the only one who thinks so as chart topper himself Naughty Boy is completely behind the band after signing them to his record label. It’s no wonder everything about this band sounds so right.

6. iTCH – ‘Life is Poetry’

Outspoken ex-singer of The King Blues iTCH is back, and ready to release his debut album The Deep End at the end of the month. However, new single ‘Life is Poetry’ is due to drop prior to the album, and is a superb track that really represents everything iTCH is about.

7. Josh Record – ‘For Your Love’

Josh Record’s single For Your Love is ambient, infectious and beautiful. It’s not often a stripped back acoustic song sounds quite this good. His voice easily fills the room, and as such he will have you hooked on to his every word.

8.  Twin Forks – ‘Cross My Mind’

Songs like this are the reason I listen to music, because it is completely left field. When I got sent this I was not expecting Americana, as typically it’s not a genre that I listen to, but this song is absolutely amazing and suddenly I found my mind opened up to whole world of new music! If you’ve never listened to much Americana, I definitely recommend kicking off with some Twin Forks!

9. Wonder Villains – ‘Marshall’

Apart from maybe REM, this is the happiest band that I have ever listened to. Wonder Villains are a quirky ‘anti-pop’ act that are going to be fundamental to the British pop scene in the years to come.

10. A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera – ‘Say Something’

All my feels! They hurt. This song is incredibly simple yet emotionally complex. The lyrics “…say something I’m giving up on you…” evoke too many emotions for my head to comprehend, but these simple lyrics are capable of cutting very deep.  The song is ruined slightly by the addition of Aguilera, so I suggest you seek out the original if you can!”


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