This August, DMU Comedy Society took ‘Gagging for Attention’, a stand-up showcase show, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the fourth year running. The show, which is an hour long and features five acts a day, attracted a media storm this year. Well, a light media shower.

Halfway through the three week festival, in which DMU Comedy performed on all but one day, local Freeview channel Notts TV came to film the show and film some interviews. A few days later, then-chairman David Murphy broke the news that ITV Central were interested in filming us as part of a news segment on up and coming comedians at the festival. We had the pleasure of meeting ITV reporter Lauren Hall who filmed us flyering on the Royal Mile before the show, and then filmed the show itself. Interviews with David Murphy and Ben Wilkins were also broadcast as part of the segment which was shown on ITV Central’s 6 o’clock news on the 22nd of August.

DMU Comedy Society want to take this opportunity to apologise for overshadowing the new DMU TV advert and to take credit for the influx of students who, having seen DMU Comedy Society on the telly, have decided that this is definitely the university for them.