Taster session: Saturday 27 September, DMU Queen Elizabeth 2 Gym, 12:45-15:00. Wear comfy clothes.

Training: DMU Queen Elizabeth 2 Gym, TUESDAYS 19:45-21:30 and SUNDAYS 12:45-15:00. Training officially starts from Tuesday 30th September.

Match and League info: There isn’t a “university taekwondo league” but our association, GTUK, does yearly University Championship (which we’ve hosted twice now). Throughout the year we attend GTUK National Championships, GTUK University championships, varsity (DMU vs. Leicester University), and finish the year with the huge competition that is GTUK Scottish Championships. If selected to join the England Squad, you’ll have the opportunity to compete in various International Competitions. These competitions allow you to show off what you’ve learnt and compete for medals in: patterns (or as some call “forms”), sparring, and destruction techniques!

Social: We meet up for a quick drink and chat after every Tuesday training session at The Font pub. This year we have more socials lined up than ever before. We will be having a massive night out every fortnight, and daylight non-boozy socials in-between. We will be proudly adding paintballing, ice skating, go-karting, and camping to that list. To sum it up: train hard, play hard.

Chairperson: Mathembamahle (Mathemba) Moyo, Biomedical Science (Year 3)

What were the clubs accomplishments in the previous season?

Last year we smashed club records all round. More people signed up and became active members, more people were grading and moving up belt levels, and the overall competition performance was incredible. There was a real team spirit which encouraged individual performances; the result was the annihilation of the record of total number of medals won by the club.

What are your aspirations for this season?

The committee is working very hard to not only carry last year’s momentum forward, but super-charge it. We aim to increase the number of active members. We aim to help every member to achieve their Black Belt by the end of their university journey. We aim to gain even more medals as a club. We aim to show Leicester University that DMU runs things in varsity. We aim to perform better than second place in the University Championships. Most importantly though we aim to have more fun in the Taekwondo Club this year, hence the upcoming emphasis on socials.

Most memorable moment from last year?

The most memorable moment from last year was the medal ceremony of one of GTUK’s national championships. DMU surprised everyone with the number of medals we won in that competition; we won a medal in almost every category that we had a member in. It was a proud moment were club members saw the hard work they had put in pay off.

Why should students join DMU Taekwondo Club?

Competitive taekwondo may have been mentioned quite a bit above but if that’s not your interest then fear not. Taekwondo is a fairly versatile martial art, suitable for all sorts of fitness levels and interests. We’ll obviously encourage everyone to try and be the best they can be as a taekwondo practitioner, but we welcome those who want to make friends and have something to do in their spare time as much as those who want to compete. At the end of the day, everyone gains something valuable in taekwondo as a martial art, sport, hobby, and social gathering, as well as in the club’s environment.

Anything else?

In Taekwondo, getting to become a black belt usually takes around 5-6 years (other martial arts may take longer). Due to the fact that university usually finishes in 3 years, we (as a GTUK university club) have a carefully formulated curriculum that allows progression to black belt in 3 years. So join DMU Taekwondo Club and- with real commitment- graduate with your black belt!

If you are not in your first year, and/or in a situation where you won’t be to finish university as a black belt, again fear not. Every single test/grading we take, regardless of belt colour, gives you a belt and corresponding certificate that is recognised internationally by any legitimate ITF Taekwondo Club. This means that whatever level you leave university at, you can confidently pick up where you left off with another ITF Taekwondo Club.

To join DMU Taekwondo Club, find them at the Sports and Societies Fair on Thursday 25 September or get in touch via their links below:


Website: www.dmutkd.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dmutkd

Twitter: @DMU_TKD