Depop is the new revelation in virtual shopping that enables you to buy and sell your favourite items at the touch of your smart phone!

Set out in a similar fashion to Instagram, Depop is no stranger to social media by making it easy for any smart phone user to find their way around the app. The app isn’t just made for fashion lovers either, Depop also sells cute and quirky art pieces that may just tickle your fancy.

Unlike the tedious selling processes we are used to on the web, Depop allows you to sell your unwanted item by just taking a picture, then gaining likes and potential interest. You can also share items on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, making sure you attract all possible buyers. You’re able to follow your friends and private chat with anyone willing to spend money on your Depop store.


Depop has also made sure your transaction is 100% legit and safe by pairing up with trusty paying service, PayPal, therefore focusing on the efficiency and authenticity of your purchase. But, most importantly Depop is fun and mind-opening to the fashion and lifestyle buyer, making the most of the endless opportunities that the smart phone has to offer.

So, download the app and get ready to shop a whole new world separated from the high street!