As fashion lovers, we all love a good blogger! It’s nice to read a few posts about the latest trends or best buys from the high street, because, as people interested in this ever-growing industry, we like to have this controlled sense of influence around us.

What I love about bloggers is that they are people just like you and I who love to dabble in fashion, lifestyle, beauty or a combination of the three! They will not rest until we know how the new Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain is, or whether the new collection at H&M is worth blowing our savings on.

Recently, I’ve been beyond obsessed with beauty tutorials and haul videos on YouTube, by resident beauty expert Tanya Burr, and the sweetest thing on the Internet, Zoella.

Both of these ladies know their stuff when it comes to beauty products, how to master the perfect brow and what not to buy. It’s tips and tricks that ladies love about makeup that have helped Tanya to earn her 2,456,734 subscribers and Zoella’s whopping 6,002,831(and counting) subscribers!

As students, we all know how painstakingly devastating it is when you spent more than £5 on a beauty product for it to be a complete flop and to not deliver the results it promises. This is where your favourite beauty YouTuber or blogger comes in. If you know that there’s a new product by a particular beauty brand that you’re nervous to try, chances are somebody has already reviewed this product. (Lily Melrose does some amazing beauty product reviews on etcllymlrs).She is honest and says what she thinks of the product every time she gets something new– what a relief!)

So rather than spending that £5 on something that you’re unsure about, double check with your favourite online beauty experts before buying it yourself. It’ll save you the heartache if it’s not that great, and you’ll want to find some way of thanking the experts!