Denim, especially in jean form, is one of the staple garments every man has to have in his wardrobe. Jeans are versatile and interchangeable with any given outfit you put together, whether it is for causal days at University or nights out with friends. But sometimes you can be unaware of all the different types and colours available.

Initially there was only one popular style of jean for men and that was the bootcut jean. Though they are comfortable, they are perhaps the worst style of jeans to own as they are not complimentary, because of this more and more men are turning to the popular super skinny, skinny and slim. It is definitely a more fashion-conscious alternative!
Now that the high street offers all these different styles it is easy to get confused. Yet a lot of men do not understand the importance of choosing a style which not only suits your body type, but that is comfortable and does not cut off the circulation in your legs.
High street stores such as H&M and Primark offer a variety of different styles for less. However, if you fancy spending a little bit more from your student loan then River Island or Zara are for you with their wide variety of jeans from £28 at River island and £24.99 at Zara.

Believe it or not, there are more of a variety of colours to choose from rather than standard blue denim! The high street offers black, grey, charcoal, light and dark blue denim jeans, which are all staple colours for jeans that you can integrate into your everyday wardrobe. Topman is the perfect place to shop for various coloured jeans as they do not fade in the wash and will last you much more than just a couple of months! From £30, Topman offer an arrange of charcoal, black, light and navy blue jeans, which for a limited time only, you can get 20% off with your DMU student card.

Double denim:
Now I couldn’t write an article on denim without tackling the controversial ‘double denim’ issue. The double denim look consists of a denim jacket and denim jeans, which, if not put together in the right way, can cause a fashion faux pas.

By braving the look, you need to opt for two different pieces in different colours or tones of denim. There’s nothing worse than wearing the same colour from head to toe unless you are wearing a tracksuit from the 90’s. A pair of jet black jeans with a crisp white shirt and charcoal grey denim jacket will help you to truly nail the double denim combination and do your great outfit justice. You will have people look at you twice when you walk through campus!



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