Depending on what your preferences are, nail polishes can be expensive, especially if you’re after good quality. However, in regards to the cheaper brands of nail polish, I have currently been buying the Collection Work the Colour, which can be found at most chemists and beauty stores for only £1.99 and normally, I would buy this from Superdrug due to their amazing offers. Even though it is cheap, it is surprisingly long lasting as well as being perfect for our tight student budget. For this week’s nail design, I have chosen a simplistic pattern that can be achieved by anyone!

For this tutorial I used:

  • Maybelline Colour Show – Blackout
  • Maybelline Colour Show – Winter Baby
  • Company Magazine Polish – Turquoise
  • Seventeen Nail Polish – Caribbean Coral
  • Miss Sporty Base & Topcoat
  • Masking Tape
  • Pin
  • Scissors


1. Firstly, use a clear base coat. This not only protects your nails from becoming cracked and stained, but it also helps the nail polish to stay on.


2. Once your base coat has dried completely, use three colours of your choice. I used white, blue and pink. Then just dab some tiny blobs of each colour on your nails.


3. Using a pin or toothpick, mix the three colours together slightly to create a marble effect.


4. After your nails have dried, use scissors to cut triangles out of the masking tape to the exact size that you will need for each nail.

5. Stick each piece of the masking tape in the bottom centre of each nail.


6. When you’ve affixed your masking tape, paint the rest of the nail black.


7. Once this has dried, remove the masking tape by peeling off gently; this will reveal the final design.

8. To finish this off, use the topcoat to give a smooth gloss finish.


I really like this design because you can choice any combination of colours to suit you!

Have you tried this technique? Why don’t you show us using #demonfashion.