I have a theory. A theory that everyone in the world, no matter who likes at least one thing about Taylor Swift. I’ll go first, my name is Rachael Scarsbrook and I love most things about Taylor Swift but that aside, there is absolutely no denying that fan or not, her latest offering from the soon to be released album ‘1989’, track ‘Out Of The Woods’ is an absolute belter.

Working with producer and Fun! guitarist Jack Antanoff has seem to have somewhat of a magical effect on Taylor, resulting in her ascendence from tween pop starlet to a fully fledged contender for the title of queen of the world. ‘Out Of The Woods’ is drenched in catchy choruses which is what Taylor seems to have honed in her time away from the spotlight.

Granted, the verse lyrics are a tad cringy and a bit too autobiographical for my liking; the track is apparently the product of her one time spell dating a certain Mr Harry Styles, but despite the dear diary… oversharing, overall the track pulls its socks up considerably with the totally pop-tastic chorus that has had me questioning about 70 times a day whether or not we really are out of the woods or in the clear yet.

Whilst Miss Swift’s older and earlier material was a lot rawer and in the totally different genre of country music, I think that this progression marks a much more mature and conscious decision by Swift to give her fans exactly what they want in terms of follow ups to tracks such as ’22’ and ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ rather than her much loved but alas much maligned odes to past loves such as ‘Red’ which are less popular among the masses.

T Swizzle

(The cover of Taylor’s next album, 1989)

Listen to ‘Out Of The Woods’ here and let us know what you think in the comments section – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onvhuoQCcMY