A compilation video of Mø performing live in Nottingham Rescue Rooms on 16.10.16


Being known by the masses as DJ duo Major Lazer’s partner in crime, and by the music-buffs as flawless, it was certain that Mø would do nothing less than pack out the intimate Nottingham venue. Headlining Rescue Rooms seemed almost too small for the, now renowned, electro-pop singer, however it solely gave her the excuse to get quite literally up close and personal with the crowd. Jumping in and out of the crowd during her set allowed her to get-to-know her audience all too well, and vice versa.

Despite being three songs in, the set erupted during ‘Kamikaze’ with the crowds elation being physically represented. The recognition continued within the following songs, until the Danish singer presented a string of new-unheard tracks, which would be undeniably tedious if anyone were performing them but her. ‘Maiden’ and ‘Pilgrim’ followed, giving the day-one fan an excuse to show off before everyone else joined in for an acoustic rendition of ‘Cold Water’ and an overtly-eclectic ‘Final Song’.

To fans dismay Mø then left the stage. Well, for about a minute, before ricocheting back on to play the one track unfortunately most of the audience would’ve spent 20 quid to see. Finally Mø played chart topper ‘Lean On’, asserting the fact that she can do just fine without her DJ brethren.

A break-down of Mø’s Nottingham Rescue Rooms setlist can be seen below: 

Full setlist:

Mø’s full setlist and a live still from the night.