Photo Credit: Jaineesha Patel

Photo Credit: Jaineesha Patel

11 students arrived back from a week-long trip to India this month learning about Indian heritage and culture including visits to religious festivals and architecture, as well as learning about traditions and basic Hindi.

The trip saw students meeting local families, taking part in yoga and meditation classes and even cooking their own Naan bread.

Second year Youth Work and Community Development student, said: “On the trip I learnt so much about the different cultures within India.

“We had lessons on Culture, festivals, religions, gods and godesses and other things.”

The trip gave students the opportunity to study Indian language and culture at Daly college, Indore in the heart of India.

They also got to explore the city of Indore, visiting the ruined city of Mandu and admiring the Afghan architecture & world Heritage site.

Students also got a tour of the temples of Maheshwar on the banks of the river Narmada.

Jennifer added: “We also got a chance to do the arts and crafts that are traditional in India such as Rangoli and henna and had practical lessons on cooking and yoga which were great fun.

“I learnt a lot about culture which I think will make me more employable as I want to work in youth and community development, knowing how to accept other cultures is essential to knowing and working with others especially abroad which is what I want to do.

“The favourite part for me was yoga in the morning because I enjoy being active and do yoga at home but being able to take part in India was great and felt more traditional.

We experienced what it was like to be an Indian student but we also got to see the tourist things in Mandu and Maheswar which were amazing.”

As well as the exciting schedule, students had their own spare time where they were able to take advantage of Daly College’s outstanding sports facilities including their own outdoor Olympic pool, as well as tennis courts and football pitches.

Global opportunities like these, give students important international experiences which helps you stand out to future employers, and develop the skills and confidence they already have.

Jennifer added:”To people wanting to get involved I would say definitely do. It is great to travel and to be able to do it in a way where you are surrounded by people who know the area means you get to learn so much more than you would as a normal tourist. its something that you can put on your cv that sets you apart from others. Simply doing a course is no longer enough to make you employable but being involved in extra activities helps.”

There are future trips to India with #DMUGlobal, but with limited places this year. It involves building wash rooms in local schools and making a difference to the education and healthcare for hundreds of children. It will include construction and painting as well as reading to the children at the school, for more information visit the #DMUGlobal website at