I guess this kind of article should start with a disclaimer telling you all that this isn’t a countdown to the ‘Best Dressed of 2014′. Not only would that be extremely cliché (ESPECIALLY in a Fashion section of any site) but it would be too difficult! I mean, have you see the fashion-related talent on computer/tablet/phone screens and in magazines’ glossy pages? Of course you have! So in no particular order are a few ladies who have shone in 2014 for their brilliant dressing abilities and fab selves.

1) Blake Lively (aka the most radiant pregnant woman to ever walk the planet.)


Come on, Blake, give us a break! How can one woman be so perfect? I think it’s safe to say that 2014 has been the year of Blake Lively amongst other incredible women, but this case tops the list. Blake attended the Women of Worth event in a backless black Gucci gown that had everyone falling at her feet.

2) Suki Waterhouse



You’d think being as somewhat pale as Suki Waterhouse is, you wouldn’t ever wear a pink as pale as this. But this English Rose pulls it off with such class and effortlessness that you can’t help but give her a good thumbs up. At the BAFTA 2014 LA Britannia Event, Suki wore a slightly shorter-than-maxi Emilia Wickstead dress with heels matching in colour. *sigh*

3) Kendall Jenner


Note: I’m not a fan of the Kardashian family; never have been, never will be – but there is something so infectious about Kendall Jenner and her fabulously fashionable life that I can’t help but admire. Whether it’s being all over Fashion Week like coconut water cartons or covering every high fashion magazine on this side of the planet – you can’t escape Kendall and her perfect face. Just look at her at the 2014 MET Gala wearing a classy mermaid-like Topshop dress. Yes, you heard that right. Topshop dress.

4) Miroslava Duma



Yellow, white, oxblood (maroon to you non-fashion types) and leopard print? Ha ha ha don’t be silly.
Give Miroslava Duma a black bin liner and a Primark belt and she’ll look 100 times better than any of us. Fashion week’s favourite never fails to look incredible, and this somewhat colourful ensemble has been one of my favourites of her style choices of 2014, wearing Gianbattista Valli and Stella McCartney, Miroslava has officially made me cry with joy and fashion appreciation. Hallelujah!

5) Diane Kruger



Channelling her Suki Waterhouse’s ‘slightly-shorter-than-a-maxi-dress’ look, Diane Kruger wows with a black low-cut Preen dress to a charity event hosted by Sean Penn and friends. Looking as classy as ever in anything she wears, Diane shows you that this is no longer a man’s world, but a woman’s world. A fabulously dressed woman’s world.

6) Olivia Wilde


Before you say it, no I am not (entirely) obsessed with pregnant celebrities. But I AM obsessed with Olivia Wilde and pre-cute baby bump in a glittering green Gucci dress during the red carpet moment at this years Golden Globes event. I mean, let’s all be honest with ourselves here, between Olivia and Blake, there is no room for us to ever look this good at any times in our lives especially during pregnancy. Gucci is made for pregnant bellies. And big bank accounts…

7) Emma Roberts



Red isn’t always my favourite choice in colour. It’s sexy and striking, but not something I look for in an outfit. Except now, thanks to Emma Roberts and her choice of a red mini dress with a soft geometric print and matching red heels AND lipstick.  All that red is making me feel a little bit uncomfortable, because like Suki Waterhouse and her pink, nobody should look THAT good in one colour all over. It should be illegal.
Okay, don’t worry, Emma. We’ll let you off with a warning.

8) Lily Collins


Over on ELIE SAAB’s Instagram account, he recently added this picture calling it the Most Liked ELIE SAAB Look of 2014. And do you blame us for double-tapping our screens so hard that our fingers went straight through? NO.
Lily Collins is stunning whatever the weather, but for this particular occasion (red carpet event for Love, Rosie) she shines and comes top of any ‘Best Dressed List of 2014’. The subtle rainbow-themed ‘ombre’ with a harsh neckline and floaty skirt is a killer, and ELIE SAAB only makes killer dresses. PS – Lily’s eyebrow game is SO STRONG ALL THE TIME.

9) Emma Watson



OKAY. I CONFESS. If I HAD to do a ‘Best Dressed List of 2014’ this would be number 1. To a red carpet premier event for Noah, Emma wore the most beautiful Oscar De La Renta (R.I.P) gown with a low back and draping train. From a personal point of view: a lot of celebrities could pull this off, but Emma brings that certain something that makes the dress look even better than anyone else could make it. Simples.

10) Taylor Swift


Aside from that questionable Mary Katrantzou top-shorts combo that she wore at the MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor has had a pretty good style year, as well as an incredible year in general. To the American Country Music Awards, Taylor bared her toned midriff in a cute cropped top and skirt (with a very long slit in) that made me want to hit the gym and get some abs. (Just kidding, ha ha ha!) I’ve always preferred Taylor with a bob, and this particular hair style works so well with the rest of the outfit. Lovely!


Who has been your favourite celebrity style of 2014? Let us know using @Demonfashion.

by Anna Landi