Award season for films may be well under way, but today the music world got its first round of awards buzz with the BRIT nominations being released. Normally, it’s a very exciting spectacle to behold but this year, all that the nominations make me feel is anger and bitter disappointment.

It seems this year that unless you’re white and male, you have no hope in hell of being nominated for a BRIT Award. There are no female artists up for British Album Of The Year and there are barely any women nominated in any other categories that aren’t directly for female artists.

The lack of women across the board is a crying shame and sadly this is not restricted to just British artists. There is only one band with women nominated for Best International Group, and only one woman nominated for the Producer Of The Year Award, which even then is being shared with a male counterpart.

The horror at the male domination of these nominations comes in the wake of my anger at the lack of women in the BBC Sound of 2015 Poll in which no women made it into the top 5 despite being some of the strongest artists on the long list.

2014 was heralded as the best year for feminism across the world so far. So why in 2015 have we taken such a dramatic step backwards?