100882_1319160142511On January 15 1970, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi took over as Libya’s premier.

Gaddafi’s “Free Unionist Officers led a military coup in September 1969 which brought an end to the monarchy under King Idris and Colonel Gaddafi was proclaimed premier by the ‘General People’s Congress’.

He was 28 years-old at the time and had been set on freeing Libya from colonialism.

Gaddafi said this would be done ‘by ordering Britain to abandon its military bases in the country’.

During his time as Libyan Prime Minister, Gaddafi was blamed by the West for a number of terrorist attacks as his government financed a variety of terrorist groups worldwide.

He became particularly prominent and well-known across the world during the Arab Spring where unrest spread across the Arab world and huge political protests took place against the Gaddafi Regime.

These protests resulted in his death after he was captured near his hometown Sirte in 2011.