What does your role include?

My role includes representing all the students within the faculty. The School Reps listen and voice any educational problems or concerns from students to those who have power within the university, so they have an idea of how students feel about their studies in general. It is our duty to lobby the Deans and Chancellors with change that you want, that will cater and better education for all. We have slightly a bigger responsibility than the course reps as we represent not just one course, but all of the courses within the faculty. We work directly with Course Reps to have a generic view of what is going on within the Business and Law School.

How do you work with other school reps?

We have a Facebook page where we ask students to feedback on, with the School Reps and Amie as the admins on the page. We constantly communicate with each other on a regular basis and have small meetings within ourselves. We inform each other about what is going on within the Schools.

What do you do in your meetings?

We have a formal meeting where we will be talking directly with people who have power within the faculty and the university, like the Deans and Vice Chancellors. We inform them about the praises and the concerns from students within the faculty, and lobby them with the change that the majority of students within the faculty would like to see.

How did you become a school rep?

I emailed the Deputy President Education, and told her I am enthusiastic about becoming a Course Rep. I became a Course Rep, and shortly after that the DSU executives informed us about being a School Representative. We had an election where I had to write a manifesto stating why I am right for the role, and I got the most votes.

Why did you decided to apply to become a school rep?

I decided to be a School Representative because I am enthusiastic about positive change, and I would love to be a part of big changes happening within the university.

Why do you enjoy being a school rep?

I enjoy being a School Rep because it brings out my character. I love being part of positive change, and this is exactly what I am doing as a School Rep. I enjoy speaking, and you learn a lot of new skills. You find out positive things about yourself that you never knew before. You make new friends, and you are known around the university for good reasons. You get involved more with the DSU, and there are many socials that you can attend to make even more new friends.

What have you achieved as school rep?

As a School Rep, I have worked with the other School Reps to achieve many things. We have extended deadlines, change dates of module phase tests and introduced an interim module feedback report for all courses within the faculty. We have also managed to get lecturers to cover for cancelled lectures and had some support sessions running. We are still working hard as a team to achieve great things for the remaining months of the year.

What goals do you have for the rest of your time as a school rep?

One of the main goals are to push forward Audio/Lecture recordings, to cater for everyone else’s learning. Also, I’m trying to push for a DMU cloud so that people can access their work saved on their DMU directory at home. This will save a lot of money for people who commute to university to collect work.

Anything else to add?

Being a School Rep is one of the best choices I’ve made, and I would definitely recommend others to become one if they are considering too. It’s a lot of fun!