The Big Difference company have continued their community work this year, as well as bringing back the works of the Leicester Comedy Festival this February.

In addition to the hugely successful Leicester Comedy Festival, Big Difference have a wide range of projects taking place in 2015.

Projects they have planned so far include Comedy in the Dark, Doctor, Doctor!, Leicester Media Comedian of the Year Competition and Make Me Happy.

The Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year Competition is one of the UK’s top comedy competitions, and is judged by a number of skilled journalists, producers and promoters.

Make Me Happy developed from the Leicester Comedy Festival, and now allows people to participate in many cultural activities and events.

“Most of our work is from autumn through to spring,” said Geoff Rowe, the company’s chief executive. “We do a whole range of other projects and events. We did shows in Edinburgh in August and we are hoping to do it again this year.

“We’re producing a show with a comedian called Paul Currie,” he added. “That’ll be in a festival in Australia called Adelaide Fringe.”

The brand new show will be called Release the Baboons, and will be running from February 13 to March 15.

When asked where the money raised went, Geoff replied that it went towards the company’s work carried out locally and nationally.

He said “I’m sure it’ll be a busy year for us with the festival and other projects we do throughout the year.”

Big Difference are a registered charity whose work is devoted to life-changing schemes and projects.

These include raising awareness of men’s health, encouraging school children to eat sensibly, planting trees in The National Forest, reducing carbon emissions and improving the life skills and confidence of people.

The company works with certain performers who respond well to briefs and work in different environments.

They work with people from their communities, which consist of a range of different areas. Their work is targeted at people of all ages and backgrounds.

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