freshersNow that the end of term is nigh we have to start preparing for the new uni year in September, and we all know that means a whole bunch of new freshers will make their way to DMU all fresh faced and ready to learn…

None of us are quite old enough yet to have forgotten what it felt like to be a fresher buzzing with excitement but also completely and utterly terrified.

You might have bumped into a DSU freshers rep along the way, who helped you settle in that bit easier.

Well, DSU is now looking for a whole new team of Freshers Reps to volunteer for FreshFest 2015. Being part of a new team, you would welcome the new freshers and any relatives they bring along and help them find their way on that very first day.

All though I’m sure you’re all completely selfless human beings who want to just help a fellow student out, there is some things in it for you.

Such as a DSU VIP card- giving you free entry to all of the SU events throughout the first term as well as free Freshers Bar Crawl t-shirt.

Let’s not forget that feeling that warms the cockles of your heart when you do something good.

Not only do you get those great freebies, the hours that you volunteer will be logged through DSU volunteering which will be certified and consequently making your CV look big and strong.

If you have decided that this is something for you download the application form from the student union website and email it to by April 23 2015.