Humanities-0210-312200x302During the Easter holidays, DMU teamed up with ten different county schools to give them the first-hand experience of being a journalist.

From March 30 to April 3, 20 Gifted and Talented GCSE pupils were given the chance to take part in a four-day crash course at the Leicester Centre for Journalism.

Liam Coleman, an MA Journalism student helping out with the course, said: “The course helped the students learn a variety of different skills which will help them in the future, whether they choose to study journalism or not.”

During the four day course, the students were taught how to use the popular Journalism program Adobe InDesign, the basics of media law, how to source stories and a variety of interviewing skills.

Liam added: “Although the week was pretty full on for the students, it was clear that it was helpful and made some of them consider going to University, let alone thinking of journalism as a future career.”

The pupils were also treated to guest talks from DMU lecturers David Penman and Professor Stuart Price, and the course was led by Principal Lecturer in Journalism, Ali Haynes, who shared her wealth of journalistic experiences with the group of teenage students to further their knowledge.

Ali said: “There are a lot of urban myths about journalism and this was a great opportunity for young people to find out what the profession is really about.”

The experience was part of DMU’s annual Gifted and Talented programme which sets out to ‘inspire the next generation’, in courses from Art and Design, to Robotics.