Kristen Stewart in Tim Blake Nelson's 'Anesthesia'

Kristen Stewart in Tim Blake Nelson’s ‘Anesthesia’

The Tribeca Film Festival kicked off last Wednesday, opening with a documentary called ‘Live from New York’ emphasising the cultural significance that SNL has had. Many of the cast members made an appearance with Ludacris performing afterwards.

The event was held at the Beacon Theatre, The Beacon is owned by Madison Square Garden Company, who last year bought half of Tribeca Enterprises, the festivals producer. The festival is currently in its 14th year and hopes to compete with The Sundance Film Festival and South by South West and lose its “underdog” status.

In particular, a closer look will be given to Anesthesia, starring Kristen Stewart and Sam Waterson. The film is about a University professor who is mugged outside his house. The film, directed by Tim Blake Nelson, follows the incidents that lead to the assault and takes a wide view on urban life. As an addition to this, the film is also debuting the last documentary of infamous documentarian Albert Maysles, “In Transit”, who died on 5 March, aged 88.

The documentary takes a look at the Empire Builder, a passenger train that runs from Chicago to Seattle, it has close to 500,000 annual riders. The documentary takes a closer look at the tourists and the lost souls that cross paths on this unique American connection between two cities.

The festival runs from April 15 to 26.