A week of cultural events including drop-in lunch sessions at the SU, comedy sessions and screenings of films, took place from February 2 to February 7 to celebrate DMU’s first #DMUpride festival.

#DMUpride celebrates Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender history month, which is very important for a university that takes pride on its diversity and commitment to equality.

Stephen Burrell, Vice President Student Activities said: “#DMUpride celebrates differences among people, especially in a society where diversity is a key thing.”

With sports being an area where homophobia has always been an issue, DMU sports teams also showed their support through wearing #DMUpride shirts to training and matches during the launch week.

Students felt that these events lived up to their expectations about the university and its diversity.

Lewis Bagshaw, a first year Journalism student said: “I think #DMUpride offered a range of different events and the majority were free so what’s not to love.

“It shows just how diverse DMU is and why we can be proud of that. Also it’s a great way to publicise how important LGBT History Month is and why change is still needed today.”

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By Rubina Bala