P7260008Dare I say it, Niomi Smart is the number one YouTuber/ blogger style icon for me. Yes, I also love Helen Anderson’s bohemian gothic look, and Zoella’s sweet classic high street wear, but Niomi has the whole package.

As well as her great healthy food recipes and life advice, her outfit choices are to die for. Her simple basic colour combinations come together with her choice of nail colour and make up. She has taught us so many ways in how we can diverse one outfit, and how we can make fitness clothing stylish!

Furthermore, what she wears is affordable. Despite the fact that sometimes she goes for a more expensive choice, she usually pulls off clothes from a high street brand, and this is why we love her. She demonstrates how there is no need to go for high fashion, when you can find the perfect look on the high street.

Not only is she stylishly dressed, she pulls of the perfect natural look most of the time. Even when she has a rose lip or smoky eye, she still seems to find a way to pull it off in a in a subtle and simple way.  She lets her natural beauty shine though and this is what is so inspirational about her.

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