10888452-1389200482-23809You may believe that there is no outing or place to go out where you can wear sparkly/caviar lipstick without looking ridiculous, but think again. The products listed below will describe how to let your beauty shine with this bold new style.

For a hint of glitter on those luscious lips, I would recommend the Stargazer Glitter Lipstick for £3.50. It comes in a range of 13 shades and having the glitter already immersed in the product means that the glitter will be evenly spread and will stay on your lips for longer and is perfect for a night out.

If you fancy having more control over your lip colour, then I would suggest that you apply the glitter after the lipstick. For this more bold and daring technique I would suggest that you use Cherry Bomb Glitter for £6.50 from Eye Kandy, and combine this with the MUA Lipstick in shade 13. With your lipstick choice, you want to pick a product which is quite sticky and glossy as this means the glitter will apply and stay on easier.

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Achieving the caviar lip is slightly more expensive. This look requires you to need a sticky lipstick, lip gloss, or a combination of both, and then using a brush you can apply the caviar beads to the lips. These beads cost around £5 for a range of colour.

To match your lips, you can buy the Ciaté caviar manicure sets for £13.13. These sets come with a nail polish and matching caviar pot, a plastic tray and a funnel. So, even though this is slightly more expensive than the drugstore nail varnish, it does come with everything that you need.

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