On 26 April Motorcycle Society will be taking part in Bike 4 Life.

The event, organised by Midlands Air Ambulance, consists of a 23 mile ride which leads bikers to the Bike4Life Festival near Wolverhampton.

3000 bikers will travel from Shrewsbury to the festival, which promises to be filled with live music, tutorials and exhibitions.

David Pilsworth, Chair of the society said: “The ride there is quite easy, and I’m definitely looking forward to going for a second year.”

With the ride having a £5 entry fee, all proceeds will be used to fund the life-saving work of the Midlands Air Ambulance group.

The festival, taking place at RAF Museum Cosford is absolutely free, although attendees are encouraged to make donations.

Motorcycle Society is extremely excited about the event and have thus far taken to adverting the ride via campus screens.

David said: “We’re going to be taking the GoPro with us when we go next Sunday and cameras to capture the moments before and after the ride.

“I will endeavour to make sure we have photos before and after.”

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