Spotlight on Sport: Taekwondo

We are DMU’s Taekwondo club, founded in 1996 by Global Taekwondo United Kingdom instructor Andrew Holmes (currently a 5th degree international instructor). Our organisation is part of UITF (Unified International Taekwondo Federation) and teaches the traditional approach to this powerful martial art. We optimise our training so that students can achieve a black belt by the end of the third academic year, with hard work and perseverance.

Our club participates in various competitions throughout the academic year such as University champs, Varsity and Scottish championships. We are also involved with the community as well. We have strong bonds with Loughborough Taekwondo which means we get to train and socialise with them from time to time.  We offer diverse social events and an end-of year trip to all members.

What were the club’s accomplishments last season?

This year’s club performance has been one of our finest with an overall medal count of 34. We are proud to say that we count four new black belts this season, including the first three DMU Taekwondo females to achieve this. It has also been a better year for Varsity as we came the closest we have ever been to winning: losing by half a point.

Last but not least, this is our second year in a row to win the Square Mile volunteering Award for our role in  teaching primary school kids the art of Taekwondo. We have also taken on board a new school this year.

What are your aspirations for this season?

Our first priority is to expand our club numbers which will help the club improve its performance at varsity & university level competitions. We’d like to help senior members achieve black belt. DMU TKD is aiming to develop relationships with other university’s Taekwondo clubs to encourage training for national competitions as well as international ones.

Our charity work with primary schools has become very popular and we want to keep on doing it, and encourage more club members to become a part of it.  We also feel we could provide more charity work in the coming year, such as hosting kicking/breaking/sparring events, demonstrations and community help days (painting schools, etc.).

How much does it cost to join your club?

As with all clubs a £40 DSU active card is required to join the club.

Club membership is £25 to make you a member of our national association. There are other training/equipment costs, most are optional, and you can always try out a couple of lessons for free.

Why should students join your club?

University is a time for new experiences and changes – joining Taekwondo is a great way to make new friends, to stay fit and to learn self-defence! We are a friendly club that welcomes anybody eager to learn about this powerful martial art.

To join DMU Taekwondo, find them at the Sports and Societies Fair on Thursday 1st October or get in touch via their links below:


EMAIL: dmutkd@live.co.uk

FACEBOOK: De Montfort Uni TKD


DSU LINK: www.demontfortstudents.com/sport/6945/

WEBSITE: www.dmutkd.com