Halloween is the best time of the year to go crazy with all that old multi-coloured makeup from magazines which you have stored away in an old bag because you don’t have the heart to let it go; come on, we have all been there. This season is all about dressing up and having fun, so why not try something more out of the box this year.

Forget your traditional zombie and witch looks, we have four fiercely gorgeous looks for you to try out this year.


The mermaid look is easier to pull off than you first think. Using a pair of fish net tights, wrap the netting around your cheek bones. Then, with a sponge or brush, apply your desired make up choice over the netting, and then gentle peel the netting away for a scaled effect. Consider using make up with added shimmer, or just glitter itself to give a realistic glamorous finish.

You could use this same technique to create other outfits such as, lizards, dragons, fairies and may other costumes that you can come up with.

Graphic Art

Play with patterns. We have all seen the Roy Lichtenstein pop art Halloween make up take over the internet, so why not they and take this up a notch? By taking parts of this fun graphic design, you can create a new look that will be unique to you.


This mysterious sexy look is ideal for any Halloween party, and the best thing about it is that you don’t actually have to wear a mask! The mask design may seem a bit intrigue and daunting, but it is well worth the time and effort for the finished look. To make this look extra dark, add some black gems to the mask and a dark lip for this secretive look.

Aztec Princess

This is one of my favourite looks, the subtle ombre eye mask, contrasting with the white war paint helps make this design come alive. This look is not just about the make up too, the headband accessory is a key part in making this high fashion Aztec princess work.

So where should we buy all of this make up from? Pound shops are the place to be. For one night of wearing garish colours, there is no need to break the bank on high fashion products.

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Illustrations by Emma Piper