De Montfort University students’ Union President has been suspended from his position after allegedly organising a campaign against the Prime Minister.

Adil Waraich, along with other students produced a video voicing their concerns with the University’s decision to award David Cameron ‘Companionship’ from the university, its highest award.

David Cameron was awarded with this honour in London earlier this year in August for overseeing the passage of the Same Sex Marriage Act in 2013.

The ceremony which was attended by De Montfort University women’s officer of the LGBT society, Grace Elliot, said: “David Cameron did not protest, petition, or campaign – he merely advocated a basic right. In my opinion, that doesn’t deserve an award.”

Adil spoke to Buzzfeed recently and was quoted to say: “If we’re talking equality for LGBT people, this is a man who voted against repealing Section 28 as recently as 2003”

Adil wanted to voice the students’ concerns with the University, he said: “They organised a meeting with the University to try and explain their concerns; they wanted an apology, and commitments to not do this again. But the university fobbed them off, so it was time for me to step in.”


“I have a right to freedom of speech, and it’s my job to stand up and speak on behalf of students, whether the university management like what I have to say or otherwise.”

Regarding the petition and video, he said they were ‘well-received’ including by staff members inside the University.

Adil added: “I was stopped wherever I walked and congratulated. The video got viewed online tens of thousands of times, many people were signing the petition.”

A week after the video surfaced online, Adil received a letter of formal complaint from the University leading to his immediate suspension from his position as President.

Adil said: “In order to add legitimacy to the suspension they have attempted to include two additional claims, one being my attendance at university committees (some of which I don’t even attend), and the other on making a couple of light-hearted personal videos.”

Adil added: “As a practising Muslim, I completely believe in human rights and equality.

“And that all people should be treated fairly regardless of who they are, or who they love. All I have done is stand up for something I believe in, the very same principles the university, and David Cameron, claim to represent.”

Adil Waraich, who is serving in his 2nd term as President of the Students’ union remains suspended whilst the investigation is ongoing. Unfortunately, the DSU and University are still unable to comment on the situation further until the matter is resolved. Any questions are being directed to

In Adil’s absence the other executive officers are taking on the role and responsibilities to ensure the Students’ Union continues to function as normal.