Paloma Faith, best known as the singer with the soulful-retro voice, has caught the eye of the media and the public with her daring fashion.  Paloma seems all too comfortable experimenting with colours and patterns that many of us would not be confident using.

Paloma has been very influential as a lady in the music industry with her activism and political views, but her fashion is influencing specific young women of an alternative style; bringing back past trends and putting a twist on them.

Paloma’s fiery and, more recently, elegant blonde hair is something achievable for every day women. Whether it is a tight curl or relaxed wave that rests on your shoulders, her hairstyle is one that can be worn day or night.

Light, warm colours are beginning to be seen as a trend, whether that’s naturally or with pastel colours and ombre. It seems many of us are seeking to light up our hair in someway, which is a great way to start up the spring.

Adding a bold-coloured flower to that light shade as an accessory strikes me as Paloma’s style. It is a good way to up-do your hair, whether the flower contrasts with or compliments its colour.

When it comes to clothes it is all about patterns and colour. Why not try a long duster coat in a shell pink or a pale blue to grab attention.

To assist, a long floral dress that sits nicely with the duster coat in a colour of your choice. This dress is striking yet beautiful. It makes a statement but does so gracefully. A duster coat with a lighter shade will work well, even if it is white. Paloma has a daring style, so why not try to be daring? It will help boost your confidence and vary your wardrobe away from the black garments you brought as a safe option.

To finish off this look, add a pair of heels that work with the colour in the rest of your outfit; again, a pastel colour or maybe something striking. So if you have a pale blue coat why not choose turquoise heels or a sky blue colour?

It is all about experimentation and that is what I love about Paloma Faith’s outfits. She breaks the boundaries of what is acceptable in fashion and creates her own.

So if Paloma can then what are you waiting for? Instead of staying in your comfort-zone, why not get that pastel skirt out the wardrobe and become the center of attention?