The De Montfort Students’ Union officer team have lobbied for the on campus library to have extended opening hours.

As this is something many students have requested, it was picked up quickly by the current DSU team. For Deputy President of Education, Augustus Mbanasor, it was something he was passionate about pushing even before being elected into his post.

The main Kimberlin Library will be open to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

“This was always something that I had pushed for in my manifesto and was something I have really been looking to push this year.”

Augustus Mbanasor

Deputy President of Education, De Montfort Students' Union

The Library staff have the support of the DSU team during this change, to make sure it doesn’t negatively effect the quality of services.

The executive officers, all previously students at the university, were strong supporters of the change.

The DSU team isn’t finished there, however. Results from the Big Support Survey have given the team insight as to how students use the facilities, noting that space continues to be an issue.

This, along with the extended library times, is a strong move for the De Montfort Students’ Union officer team. As they move into the first term of studies, they have already gained the confidence of the student body that their voices will be heard and goes leaps to show how a collective voice can be used effectively to make a positive change.