The De Montfort University (DMU) Griffins Men’s 2nd basketball team were unable to surpass a rampant University of Leicester (UoL) as they fell to their biggest defeat of the season so far, losing 65-38 at the end of the 4th Quarter on home turf.

The game set off with both sides wasting opportunities to go into the lead, however, the Griffins were the first to draw blood in the fixture as they went 2-0 up. DMU quickly conceded a foul after UoL had scored a basket and each team matched the other point for point as they fought out the early stages of the first quarter. The gap began to widen as UoL pulled a 3-pointer (a shot from outside the markings is worth an extra point) out of nowhere to lead 7-4. The home team fought valiantly to stop the UoL attack, stopping a barrage of shots however with a minute on the clock, DMU found themselves 12-4 down. A stunning long range shot earned DMU another 3 points and a quick counter attack brought them right back into the game as they closed the gap to 12-9. UoL extended their lead with less than 15 seconds remaining with another 3 points, making it 15-9 at the end of the first quarter.

UoL continued their dominant performance, as they scored two free throws (earned by winning a foul as the player is shooting) and acrobatically cleared a shot, which they then used to score again. Another free throw later and DMU found themselves 20-9 down with less than two minutes gone in the second quarter. DMU eventually scored, but UoL dominated the possession into the final minutes of the quarters and despite a dedicated and passionate performance on defence, DMU found themselves in a pit as they were 33-11 down after six minutes of offense. The only chance they had was a missed 3-pointer and a number of follow-up shots, which were unable to be taken, and a couple of free throws at the end of the half. By the end of the 2nd quarter, UoL had the advantage at 35-13. DMU’s coach was visually unimpressed by the lacklustre performance, as he was seen having a private word with them outside of the arena.

Whatever he said seemed not to have any immediate effect as UoL scored to put them 37-13 up immediately. Then DMU clicked into a new style as they doubled their tally from the first half in a matter of minutes. A lot of explosive counter-attacking moves and a much more persistent team showed as most of their shots went in and UoL looked at the mercy of DMU as they just kept forcing more points and any time UoL got the ball, the DMU team immediately snuffed out the danger and continued to score. UoL were thankful for the end of the third quarter as DMU caught up dramatically, with the score being 41-27 to UoL.

The break didn’t help UoL as DMU scored within 2 seconds of the restart, however, desperation from DMU started to show as they constantly went for 3-pointers. They looked to get back into the game with a quick flurry of offense, with interceptions galore as they closed the gap to only 41-34. However, UoL forced their way through DMU and restored a huge lead as they went 52-36 up. During the play, the centre for DMU was forced off due to injury and had to be replaced. Losing such an influential player meant that the Griffins were unable to muster up any more effort for a comeback as UoL continued to attack and DMU’s frustrations got more visible as more fouls started being conceded.

The final score didn’t show the full story of the match as DMU warranted a closer scoreline after an inspiring comeback that brought belief back into the arena. They will look to improve on their performance and hope to bounce back on the 9th as they once again face UoL 2nds.

Final Score: De Montfort University Men’s Basketball 2nd Team 38 – 65 University of Leicester Men’s Basketball 2nd Team.