The results are in, and the world is shocked. The new leader of the free world is to be Donald Trump, the estranged Republican candidate and victor.

As is characteristic of the habitual American individual, the electorate was expressly enthused about voting for their new president in 2016’s quadrennial election. Early on, it was remarked to the public that the long queues across the US suggested an especially high turnout, to which Trump expressed concern regarding possible ‘late voters’. He signified that early voting should be permitted, to tackle the high turnout and lengthy queues across the nation.

Trump instructed his supporters to “beat the corrupt system”, coupling with the sentiment of his own that the electoral system was ‘rigged’ in favour of his presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton. A BBC poll formerly put the Democratic candidate ahead by four points of the Republican.

Clinton and Trump both voted early on Tuesday, setting precedent for the electorate to follow. Eric Trump, the presidential hopeful’s prodigious son, tweeted his ballot paper, which stated that he had indeed voted for his father. A New York law affirms that voters cannot show marked ballot papers to others, an enactment that is shared in various other states too. He stated the following: “It is an incredible honour to vote for my father!” The tweet was promptly deleted from the social media platform once it had become clear that the “paragon” had potentially broken the law.

The presidential race has been, in some way, one of the most unstable in history, in that it felt to many much like choosing the lesser of two ills. Where Trump was concerned, voters feared he was wildly inexperienced in the political field both in affair and in method, but he was also criticised for the chauvinistic, bigoted remarks that he made throughout his year-and-a-half-long campaign. Still, all these obstacles were evaded with the presidency in his palms.

As for Clinton, however, much of the electorate’s lack of belief in her resided in her honesty. The FBI’s inquisitiveness regarding her private email account during her time serving as Secretary of State had unwittingly decreased her lead on Trump and has consequently depleted the American people’s trust in her leadership. Inevitably, the presidency faded just out of reach. A spokesperson for the former president, George W. Bush, even declared that Bush had voted for elected for ‘none of the above’ on his ballot paper, and instead voted only for Republican candidates in down-ballot races.

Voters turned out in their millions across America, with 15% of the community bringing along campaign posters beside them. The evening that folded out following the national event was sustained and long, though eventually reached a conclusion — that Donald Trump was to be the domain’s new leader of the free world. Before Trump received his 270 electorate votes, US media reported that Hillary Clinton had conceded to her political opponent via phone call.

Georgia, a swing state among the first to close, took an ample amount of time to produce a projection of the state, though eventually decreed in favour of Trump. It would appear that the democrat had little hope in wielding the win, though spectators held out hope due to the fact that the last time a Democrat was voted in was in 1992, wherein Bill Clinton, the Democratic candidate’s husband, won the presidency.

Other states that Trump won over include Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, all battleground states. States that Clinton won over included the monumental California, a traditionally blue state, and Virginia, a battleground state.

For a large portion of the night, Trump held a distinctive lead over his opponent and during this session, the key battleground states seemed at first very unclear. The two opponents, as the votes were counted, were forever switching places and overtaking one another. Particular focus was directed towards Florida, which took a considerable amount of time to count and appeared to have no clear winner — a deed not unfamiliar to the state. Despite this, winners for each battleground state were at last decreed, and a new president was established.

The financial markets were hoping for Clinton to prevail in the race, but with Trump’s victory, they have soured. The Mexican Peso has hit a record low against the US dollar, and stock futures have fallen by 5% in the anxiety of the election result.

Ultimately, the Republicans have retained their domination over the House of Representatives with re-elected civil servants such as John McCaine, the eighty-year-old Arizona Senator, and former presidential hopeful Marco Rubio. Nevada voted again for the Democrat, where Catherine Cortez Masto’s win will make her the first Latina US senator. The Republicans also retained dominion over the Senate, which means that they will continue to have control of both Houses of Congress. With Donald Trump as president, the party has a clear authority, making it easier to pass legislation.

After watching the election unfold with unblinking eyes, Trump embarked to the Midtown Hilton Hotel, where he is to give his victory speech. With the presidency won, it is now a game of watching and waiting as the days unfold ahead.