Picture provided by Jade: Waiting to collect water in the village

Picture provided by Jade: Waiting to collect water in the village

My experience in The Gambia with DMU Global was one of the most rewarding moments in my life to date. I honestly can’t thank DMU enough for the opportunity as I don’t think that I would have been able to do it alone. Each day was filled with so many activities such as visiting the Katchikally Pool where we were able to stroke crocodiles; visiting the national museums to learn about the country’s rich history; doing 2 days of placement work, which was in resemblance to what we study at DMU; spending time on the beautiful beaches and staying with families without DMU staff in the village for 24 hours! That was definitely my favourite part of the trip.

In pairs, we stayed with families in their compound which gave us first-hand insight into the everyday life of a village resident. We had no electricity, no proper toilet and had to collect water. It sounds scary but the experience was truly beyond describable and I’m so glad I did it!

We were also out there representing Global Hands UK, a charity set up but Dr Momodou Sallah, who lectures at the Uni. While we were out there, we spent two days physically working on building a development school, which is aimed at improving the lives in the long-term for residents of the Manduar village. The days were extremely tiring but fun at the same time!

From the abundance of mango trees that were readily at our disposal, to the fact that I got my hair braided for a tenner; I loved every little moment of the trip. I even felt safer in The Gambia than I did in Essex, my home city! Everyone was so friendly and chilled out. I spoke to some of the young about their thoughts on globalisation, and the future of Africa. The conversations I had with some of the guys around my age I will forever cherish.

We were free in the evenings, so a few nights some of us went out to the clubs which was a laugh! There was also a shisha bar which was lots of fun! And the great thing about the trip was that all the activities we did were paid for and we had 3 meals a day which were paid for too! Our hotel had Wi-Fi which I was shamefully a slave to haha. I loved The Gambia so much that I might go again next year!