Most aspiring artists struggle to find inspiration. Even my housemate doing Game Art finds it hard to even draw in his own spare time. But what can be better than looking through boring books filled with how to draw real life eyes or whatnot when there’s plenty of apps and websites to help you find artists? Here are some applications and websites you can use to get your drawing underway and to help boost your creativity…


Instagram isn’t all about posting selfies with your friends on a night out and pictures of food, but it can also be used to showcase your own work on a daily basis if you have any work that you’re proud of.

colour_me_creative Instagram account Take 20-year-old Kristina Webb from New Zealand, for example. Most of you probably don’t know her, but her Instagram account is filled full of her own art work which is absolutely spectacular. Her Instagram account colour_me_creative has nearly 2 million followers and consists of her own artwork in which she only uses a sketchbook and coloured pencils. She tends to draw a lot of the Disney princesses, music artists and YouTubers and therefore is a perfect example of inspiration, particularly for Graphic Design and Animation students.

The great thing about finding fellow aspiring artists on Instagram is the fact that it is quick and easy to use, especially if you were to go through hashtags to find specific tutorials on how to draw certain things. The app is also perfect for those wanting to showcase their own work.


If you type Pinterest into Google, the website pretty much speaks for itself. ‘The world’s catalogue of ideas’ sure does have an incredible amount of ideas if you’re struggling to find inspiration. You can search up pretty much anything and everything on the app and website from workout videos to tattoo ideas.pinterest

The website even features articles, photos and designs from the most popular magazine in the country and internationally such as Elle and Vogue Magazine. Many artists post their work on this website/application to help fellow or even beginner drawers on how to draw certain images such as eyes or how to proportion the manga female body. It’s easy to use and the application is free to download on to your phone, just like Instagram!


Designinspiration is a website and application which is a lot like Pinterest, just less well known. The application features all kind of inspirations for graphic designs in particular, from typography to poster inspirations. It also includes content and photography for those into fashion. The website also lets you search inspiration for designs and drawings through a combination of different colours to help you narrow your search.


Piccsy is another application which is similar to Pinterest which has a great range of drawings and designs from different artists and photographers. If you look at the website, the navigation bar allows you to search for inspiration on interior design to art and illustration, and much like the rest of the websites and apps listed above, Piccsy allows you to search through tags in order to help you find the inspiration that you’re looking for.