She’s Irish, uber stylish and currently living the Carrie Bradshaw’s dream, working for a fashion designer in the heart of New York. You know exactly who I’m talking about and are already subscribed to her? I am not surprised.

If, for some bizarre reason you are not, let’s give Tara a proper introduction, shall we?

Tara Marzuki, a 23-year-old blogger and YouTuber, has been spreading her wings wide since graduating from a Fashion Design course in Belfast last year, but it hasn’t stopped her from keeping in touch with her audience and remaining the most down to earth, girl-next-door-friendly internet person that has ever existed.

The most ordinary day of a digital creator, who has just moved to America and is leaving her footprint in Manhattan, makes for extraordinary content to anyone who watches it, and brings Tara’s day-to-day vlogs to a whole new level of absorbing.

Tara's Youtube channel -

Tara’s Youtube channel –

Her YouTube stories and work experiences as a self-made successful expat are almost like educational videos – for anyone who is planning to go away and live on their own in a new country, she describes the process of visa application, apartment search, New York worthy interior design on a budget, and, for all you third years – lots of useful tips on overcoming the post-graduation career shock and getting your name out there.

Tara also has a very healthy approach to fashion and style, so you can count on her when it comes to receiving big-sister advice on feeling good in your clothes and avoiding online shopping fiascos.

Her fashion blog, or should I say the bible of aesthetically orgasmic, impeccable editorial shoots where, believe it or not, the outfits do not always play the main part, is another platform where Tara’s talent thrives.

As soon as you see the pictures, you will find bare minimalism a lot more tasteful and elegant, and luckily still obtainable for normal humans – Tara throws in designer pieces here and there, but mostly shops on Asos and Missguided, just like you and me.

Anyone who is powering through a Fashion Design course will surely appreciate heart-to-heart posts on Tara’s practice in snatching internships and juicy opportunities – knowing she’s worked as a seamstress on the armoury design team for Games of Thrones, she can surely be trusted.

If social media platforms are what tickles your fancy the most, Tara should also not disappoint on the Instagram and Snapchat field.

Her perfectly coordinated feed is filled with crisp clean photography (oh, she also works as a photographer herself, did I forget to mention that?), whereas the loyal Snapchat followers get a daily dose of Upper East Side views and big-city stories, filtered through the eyes of a funny, lovable girl. A girl who is treading an incredible, brave life path and making dreams come true in the best way possible – that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Check Tara out and I promise you, whether you are into New Yorkie lifestyle, fashion or just looking for someone to ‘chat’ to – five minutes in and you’ll want to grab a Dunkin’ Donuts pistachio latte with her and have a good old chinwag in Central Park!

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