Clean Cut Kid opened for The Courteeners with an energised set. The band are yet to release their debut album, leaving the crowd excited for the what’s to come. From the first song the crowd were fully engaged and ready for whatever CCK were about to offer them.

After supporting The Courteeners at a string of dates in the Apollo in Manchester, they were invited to tour the country with them, and fans of The Courteeners can see why- they set the tone perfectly and really get the crowd involved, ready for the headline set they’ve come for. If fans of The Courteeners came not knowing Clean Cut Kid, they’ll definitely leave as a fan. Watching from the crowd, you can see they love what they’re doing and that feeling reflects upon the audience.

Lead Singer Mike Halls has the perfect amount of banter with the audience describing himself as “scouse as f**k” making everyone laugh. There wasn’t much chat between band and audience between songs, allowing Clean Cut Kid to play as many singles as they could in their short support set.

Halfway through the set Mike opens love song ‘Evelyn‘ by saying how it is “difficult to sing a love song about someone you have to share the stage with every night” referring to his wife, Evelyn Halls, who is also in the band, although he said it was difficult, he took it in the stride and performed the song with ease.

Saul Godman, bassist, was loving life during the set encouraging everyone to clap along it the set, it’s amazing to see a band who love doing what they do, together as best friends. The set closed with hit single ‘Vitamin C‘, which most of the crowd were able to join in and sing along with, at this moment it was made clear it won’t be long until they are headlining venues like this, themselves.