Both DMU Cricket sides claimed nail biting victories at the City Cricket Academy to give DMU two vital Varsity points thanks to the 21 runs of Inamullah Munir and the ball of George O’Neill.

Fielding first in the seconds’ match, DMU limited University of Leicester to 92 runs off 10 overs. Leicester made a tentative start but eventually hit their stride before losing a wicket to a run out on 72 runs thanks to a stumping by Sachin Moudgill.

The wicket rattled UoL as another two fell in quick succession thanks to a catch by Danny Beere off a Inamullah Munir ball and a run out. As Leicester threw caution to the wind in order to make their score as competitive as possible, they lost another wicket due to a second run out.

DMU required 93 runs to win the match at a run rate of 9.3 per over.

Sachin Moudgill and Jez Hanson opened the batting and recorded 26 runs in the first three overs averaging at 8.67 runs per over, just shy of the required rate. Moudgill was caught in the fourth over and a second wicket was claimed by the UoL bowlers in the next ball.

Two wickets swung the momentum in favour of the fielding side, just when Moudgill and Hanson were getting comfortable, while James Everard lost his wicket leaving the score at 35-3 off four overs.

With 4 balls left in the match UoL claimed another wicket leaving DMU needing 7 runs off 4 balls but up stepped Munir to fire the first Varsity point in cricket back to De Montfort with a 3 off the last ball.

DMU opened the batting in the firsts’ match but lost a wicket with only three balls gone and three runs made.

DMU composed themselves after a shaky start with a solid partnership from George O’Neill and Amer Nazir to take the score to 27-1 off three overs.

Having reached 25 runs, George O’Neill retired with 4.3 overs completed. The good work continued, and DMU reached 75-1 thru six overs thanks to a partnership from Amer Nazir and Faisal, before Nazir himself retired.

DMU lose their second wicket with James Fitzgerald ran out leaving the score at 97-3 with 2 overs left and the century followed at the start of the penultimate over.

As DMU push for a big score another wicket goes closely followed by a fourth to leave the score 105-4 and eventually a fifth to conclude a solid DMU innings of 119 runs.

UoL launch their run chase with 15 off the first over and added a further 10 runs in the second over.

At the end of the fourth over UoL were putting a nice run chase together at 47-1 however DMU struck to claim a wicket courtesy of a lbw.

As we reached the halfway point in the innings UoL were 56-1 but lost another wicket in the next over thanks to a great catch from Fitzgerald. 56-2 after 5.3 overs.

DMU continued to bowl well and made another breakthrough at 67-3 in the 7th over with an lbw leaving UoL 27 runs to win the match with just ten balls remaining.

The fourth wicket which was run out seemed to have killed all hope of a come of a comeback with 23 runs needed off the last over to clinch victory.

A fifth wicket fell as UoL were chasing the match with just 4 balls left 100-5. Six runs followed to give UoL a glimmer of hope with 11 runs of the final two balls required.

DMU win the match with as the last wicket fell with 1 ball remaining. George O’Neill bowled the final over. 112 all out.

2 Varsity points for DMU.