Fun Fact:Kimberlin library was named after Mr A.H.W. Kimberlin who, as Chairman of the Board of Governors, and in other roles, made a major contribution to the development of the colleges and polytechnic that later became De Montfort University.”  (Adams, 2017)

The Kimberlin Library is open 24/7. This is great as this fits around our busy lives as students. If you need to do that last minute essay or just simply borrow a book using the self-serving machine. Then this article will be beneficial to you, dear friend.

Kimberlin Library is split up into 4 floors with different noise tolerance levels, with self-service machines and printing facilities located on all floors.

Basement: This has computers you can work on, it is organised in a way that encourages individual work with low level conversation. It is a nice place to work if you really want to get that essay done on time. There are also cubicles available for group work. All you have to do is book a timeslot and it’s all yours!

Ground floor: This floor is probably the loudest floor! There are sofas, Macs, Pcs and leisure reading books available. You can also take out laptops to use if you need to. If you want to work in masses, then this floor is perfect for you. It’s great for group discussions in the cubicles available. Like the ones on the basement, you just have to book a time slot. Voila! This is where you return all your books.

First floor: This floor is like the ground floor, in terms of noise tolerance. However, you can escape this by sitting in the ‘Quiet Study Area’ located near the academic books. You can also work on the desk near the books if you like your space, a bit like me. It has a fair divide of Macs and PCs in the computer area. I guess you’re spoilt for choice! This floor has a technician and librarian who can help you too!

Second floor: This is the floor to be on if you need some silence to get that essay done. This floor has loads of computers (only PCs). It also has a ‘Silent Study Room’ which is monitored by on-site staff to ensure it is silent. There are posters around the wall on this floor with a number to text if the noise is a bit too loud. I’ve never texted the number, but I assume it is anonymous. This floor has academic books to loan too.

Café: Every library needs a refuel station for those hungry students hard at work. Top up on snacks, grab some lunch or buy a coffee to get you through that assignment!

Top Tips!

Cheat 1: Try online and see if what you need is an EBook. This saves you getting out of your warm bed, cosy Pj’s and trekking all the way to the library to loan a book that is already online. They are making it easy for us!

Cheat 2: Are your working neighbours being a little too loud? Then fear not, no need to raise your voice! There are posters in all areas with a simple number to text and assistance will be at hand to help.

Cheat 3: Heard of CLaSS? They’re great for getting some help on your assignments. They hold workshops and 1-1 tutorials. They’re located on the ground floor, right next to the staircase with the silver door. Check them out or get in touch at!

We have a 24/7 library, so please I insist, take advantage of these great facilities on offer and don’t forget to follow @LibraryDmu for updates on the library and learning!