17th of March 2017 saw the Irish festivities hit the streets of Leicester, shamrocks, Irish flags and green top hats paraded around the city and in the evening the bars made sure that the Leicester nightlife was not without some live acoustic music; yes saints Patrick day had arrived!

Photography: Abby Smith.

Upstairs at the Leicester craft beer company, BrewDog, The Whiskey Rebellion had their accordions and guitars out performing some folk like music to celebrate the day.

From slow, chilled out music to songs that made you want to get up and start performing the Irish jig, to which the female lead singer did on the occasion, the band did not disappoint.

The Whiskey Rebellion definitely gave the night life of Leicester something different to enjoy and for free, something that the BrewDog offers quite frequently and should be taken advantage of; the bar offers a range of delicious and way too easily to consume varieties of beers and live entertainment- entertainment that goes hand in hand with a relaxing beer.

The music and energy of the Whiskey Rebellion was a pleasure to view, the characters of each member seemed to bring something to the stage, even if sometimes some members looked uncomfortable at times it did not last long and did not ruin the overall performance.

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Unfortunately the songs came to an end, just when the confidence from the alcohol had kicked in to start boogying, but it remained a good experience nonetheless. If that ragamuffin style with folk style instruments is your cup of tea, then The Whiskey Rebellion are worth checking out and if not then take a look at BrewDog Leicester’s website for upcoming events, you never know something may capture your eye and free events are always worth checking out!