After performing all their upcoming shows and festivals, “dirty pop” band Get Inuit will be sitting around in one huge pant together, according to lead singer Jamie Glass.

The Kent boys sat on the sofas of the green room in great spirits after their superb performance on the Commune Stage at 110 Above Festival. They were very chatty, which made for a great interview as The Demon sat down to get to know the boys behind the infectious indie pop music, with talks of upcoming tours and festivals – maybe with new music, we shall have to keep our eyes and ears peeled.

From strange signings with fans, to stowaways and Travelodge misadventures – these guys certainly have some stories to tell. Whilst up in Edinburgh touring with Spring King, they recounted the woman who wanted the band to sign something for her. As she put her bag on the table and rummaged around for said item, a plastic fake poo fell out onto the table. Bizarrely, that was the item she wanted them to sign: “Andy from Spring King was just like ‘Is that a poo?’”, they recounted whilst in hysterics.

With Jamie claiming he’d be a guinea pig if he was an animal; Rob decided he’d be James’s cat, before declaring that collectively, they were all James’s cat, who is called Bernard. It must be one special cat! I dare say the cat is their mascot from now.

So, if Get Inuit were a three course meal, to start, they’d be a bag of skittles – with a main meal of vegan, gluten-free pesto pasta and topped off with vegan ice cream dessert. An unusual choice of starter, but the pasta and ice cream do sound delicious.

The band performed brilliantly in the early evening of 110 Above Festival; their upbeat, infectious rhythms and far out vocals started off the night perfectly, with the crowd grooving along. They played a few new songs, including “So Soon”, which the crowd loved; every song they played rallied the crowd, and the performance really set the atmosphere for the first night. Their music is a great mix of changing tempos, catchy lyrics and ‘out there’ guitar riffs that blends beautifully. The band have good stage presence, and their performance was probably one of the ones I enjoyed the most throughout the weekend.

Last weekend, Get Inuit played Boardmasters, but you can catch them on their tour with Ash – they’re playing at the 02 Academy Leicester on Sunday 20th August, or at Reading/Leeds festival at the end of the month.


(Photo Credit to Abby Smith)